Attorneys across Florida support The Florida Bar Foundation

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The Family Law Section’s $75,000 contribution will enhance the reach of the statewide Children’s Legal Services grant program. The Family Law Section has donated more than $300,000 to the Foundation since 2012.

Foundation president-elect Juliette Lippman (left) and former executive director Bruce Blackwell (right) receive a $70,000 cy pres award from the settlement of a suit won by attorneys Edward Zebersky (second from left), Valorie Chavin and Michael J. Higer.


Access to justice organizations, like The Florida Bar Foundation, are grateful and appropriate recipients of cy pres or residual fund awards in class action suits. Regardless of the case matter, group members were in search of justice. When full restitution to all members is either impossible or infeasible, courts can approve a charitable donation out of unclaimed class action funds. If you are interested in facilitating a cy pres award, contact Michelle Fonseca, CFRE, at 407-960-7000.

Katapult MarketingAttorneys across Florida support The Florida Bar Foundation

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