Personal Injury? Medical Reimbursement May Be Only Part of the Compensation Due To You

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Commentary by Zebersky Payne Shaw Lewenz, LLP

It’s not unusual for victims from personal injury accidents, like a car wreck, to not only expect reimbursement for medical expenses from their insurance company—or the other party’s insurance—but for those payments to turn around quickly.

It’s not a fun scenario to think about: Lying in a hospital bed wondering if your auto insurance—or policy of the other party—is going to cover all of your medical expenses from the accident.

Once out of the hospital, you realize that as the pile of medical bills are mounting, your insurance carrier has sent you a simple form letter announcing their intentions to thoroughly review your claim.

Months pass, and you’re only just now able to return to work on a part time basis; all the while, the medical bills are sitting unpaid, except for a few hundred dollars you’re able to send the hospital on a not-too-regular basis.

In short, this is an excellent example of a victim needing legal representation to oversee the not just the medical reimbursements, but the other areas of compensation that could very well be coming to you.

Of course, any medical costs for current treatment, as well as any anticipated expense in the future, need to be addressed

Most certainly, the time lost when in the hospital, and the inability to work full time, impacts one’s income. What’s more, it’s not only the current loss of wages, or salary, but also the projected earnings in the future: Will the accident reduce your income earning capabilities?

And, yes, only you really, really know about the pain and suffering you’re going through because of the accident caused by the other driver’s negligence.

More importantly, compensation can also occur for any pain-and-suffering endured when the accident happened; and, it is not unusual to receive fair compensation for it in the future.

Contact us with questions you might have about filing a claim if you are a victim of a personal injury: Workplace, auto accident or other instances, we can meet your civil litigation needs.

Jordan A. ShawPersonal Injury? Medical Reimbursement May Be Only Part of the Compensation Due To You

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