Vehicle Maintenance is a Must!!!!!!

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Commentary by Susan Harmon:

“I have to maintain my car?!?” A typical statement out of the mouth of a vehicle-owning teenager. Hanging out with friends, playing video games, listening to music, cruising the neighborhood are all far more important than a simple six month basic preventative maintenance check-up on their vehicle.

At least know the basics:

Check the oil and filter.
Check the tires (air and wear & tear on the treads).
Make sure there is windshield washer fluid for clean windows.
Driving a well maintained vehicle will enhance anyone’s safety.

Most teens do not know much about auto maintenance. Most parents do not know a whole lot about auto maintenance. Whatever the percentage, the bottom line is have your vehicle serviced at least twice a year.

You will get better gas mileage and have a healthier vehicle if you maintain it properly and regularly.

Jordan A. ShawVehicle Maintenance is a Must!!!!!!

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