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Commentary by Leslie Frank:

For years you have heard that lawyers are sharks and that they prey upon folks just like you. They charge huge fees and give you nothing. That they file frivolous lawsuits while their clients remain hurt. This is just what most companies want you to think because if you fear lawyers, you may not seek the advice of a lawyer when you have been hurt by a dangerous drug, a dangerous product, or through the fault of someone else. Don’t be fooled by this stereotype.

It is really bad corporations who are the sharks and that prey on people. It is bad corporations that manufacture bad drugs, bad products, bad medical devices, create scams. Some of these actions by bad corporations just cheat you out of a little money, but other actions, like when a pharmaceutical company manufacturers a bad drug it can take away your health or even kill you. So look upon the negligent pharmaceutical companies that produce and gain from producing harmful medications and defective medical devices as sharks. Or you might want to look at reckless drivers that plow into your vehicle causing you severe injury, as predators. Or how about the premises owners and occupiers that don’t maintain their stores or facilities in a manner that is safe for you to walk on without falling. The list goes on and on. These predatory sharks, hurt you, and they do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

The attorneys at Zebersky Payne Shaw Lewenz, LLP are not sharks. We will fight fiercely for your rights, your health, your wellbeing, and fight to bring you compensation for your losses. BUT…we are not predators. We care about our clients and want to achieve results for our clients so that you can get back as normal a life as possible.

And without the legal profession and its devoted attorneys, there would not be the diligent efforts for doctors, corporations, property owners, and the like, to ‘clean up their act’……

We are here to fight for you…. To challenge and bring to justice those who have hurt you. To give you your voice.


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